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iPad Mini

For several years, there has been speculation among consumers and the technology industry surrounding the development and release of an iPad Mini. Consumers were expecting a release in the last quarter of 2011, however that failed to materialize. Apple followers know that founder Steve Jobs believed that a 7 inch iPad would be a useless piece of technology in comparison to the heartier 10 inch model. However, there is continued speculation as a result of the release of smaller tablet devices by competitors including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The major competition in the tablet field at the moment is price. The Kindle Fire is available for just under $200 and it offers 8GB of built in storage capacity. The Fire does allow for storage expansion through the use of an SD card, something Apple has failed to deliver until this point. An iPad mini with smaller storage capacity than its larger counterpart could be significant competition to the Kindle Fire with the inclusion of an SD card. Price will most likely not be the decision maker for those who prefer Apples iOS to the Android operating system. People buy iPads because they like Apple products. All in one integration between a desktop or laptop and a mobile device is something that Apple has done very well with. The iPad Mini would undoubtedly follow this trend. Earlier this year, Barnes and Noble released the Nook Tablet, a follow up to the Nook Color e-reader device that offered users the opportunity to take advantage of the Android operating system and the Android App Store. The one drawback to the B&N devices is that users a limited to only some of the available applications, while Apple users can utilize any app available in their iTunes App Store. Amazon’s Android app store... Read On