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Error: Invalid Request (file_get_contents) — Please check your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for errors.Error: (CURL) AWS.InvalidAssociate — Your AKIAJAEIXVELTXDRNQLA is not registered as an Amazon Associate. Please register as an associate at https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/assoc_credentials/home. Protection for the Apple iPad 2 is a necessity because the entire front surface is the screen. The tablet does not have a keyboard, like a laptop, and some accessory manufacturers have included them in their protective case designs. One of the challenges with protecting a tablet is avoiding extra bulk to its already slim profile. Locating the right protective case may seem difficult because not all cases have adequate protection for the backside of the tablet. Apple’s magnetic shells attach to the back of the tablet to absorb shock and prevent damage to the screen. iPad Cases A protective covering will protect the iPad 2 from breakage and screen damage. Three types of protection for Apple tablets are sleeves and pouches, detachable shells and protective cases. Gumdrop’s Military Edition is part of their Drop Tech Series and offers serious protection for an iPad 2. The polycarbonate screen protector snaps on and does not inhibit the touch screen’s sensitivity. Additionally, encasing the durable outer polycarbonate shell is another exterior shell constructed of high-density silicone for more shock impact absorption. The case weighs 16.1 ounces and protects the ports, buttons and camera lens. The military-inspired case offers durability, functionality, mobility and portability. iPad Cases with Keyboards Heath & Co. manufactures the Skinny case for the iPad 2 that weighs 10.4 ounces. The Bluetooth keyboard case comes in black or white with a smooth, flat keyboard in brown or gray. Compared to the Skinny, the Trooper ClamCase weighs 1.7 pounds and the Logitech Keyboard Case weighs 12.2 ounces. The Skinny’s manufacturer claims it is the... Read On