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iOS 6

iOS 6 enhancements affecting the iPad

Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system, iOS6 is slated to launch to consumers this fall. Although development of iPhone features is constantly part of the process in designing operating systems for Apple devices, the enhancements affecting the iPad are quite extensive this time around. One of the hottest features of the new operating system is the availability of Siri, Apple’s voice response system, for iPad users. Previously, Siri was available only on the iPhone and although it will be limited to the new iPad, it likely to be a great feature for users. iPad users love integration. One of the new enhancements is Facebook integration throughout the operating system. iPad users will be able to quickly capture memories using the built-in camera and now those photos can be immediately shared on the user’s Facebook timeline. This is something that users have been asking for and it will definitely be a big plus for the iPad crowd. iCloud is one of the biggest attractors to people who prefer Apple devices. Though used primarily as a backup system for mobile devices, it will now provide iPad users with the option of creating a photo stream and sharing with other iPad users. The photo stream is completely customizable and can be shared with everyone on an Apple device or a limited select audience. FaceTime appeared on the scene a few years back, giving Apple users the opportunity to do video chat, taking advantage of front facing cameras on newer mobile devices. The one significant limitation was that users without a Wifi network could not use the service. iOS6 makes it possible for iPad users to take advantage of FaceTime over a 3G cellular network. This is a huge improvement for iPad users and it will add to the excitement of the... Read On