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CES 2013

CES 2013 Mobile App Showdown

This week I attended the 2013 CES convention, one of the highlights of which included attending the Mobile App Showdown. This breakout session filled the meeting room with mobile enthusiast, reporters, and developers. The agenda featured the top ten mobile apps submitted for the showdown. Each finalist introduced the concept of their application, followed by a demonstration. This being CES though, most of the demonstrations featured some showmanship. The likes of a Jay Leno celebrity impersonator, a mock dating game, and a live fitness workout. After all the ten demonstrations had concluded the first entry, MyScript Calculator, garnered top honors. This application pairs up character recognition with a calculator. You simply need to use your iPad like a blackboard writing out your equation. The character recognition kicks in and solves the problem. Not only does this work for simple arithmetic operations, but also for trigonometry, and calculus. This demonstration so captivated the meeting room, that there was a collective audible gasp. The take away from this demonstration is that the user can now break away from the numeric key pad, and calculator. Moreover, this may have provided a glimpse of perhaps how we will do calculations forever in the future. Erick Garske, JustiPad.com Read On