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New iPad Review

With the announcement and following release of the third-generation iPad, which Apple is simply calling the new iPad, consumers have another choice in tablet computers. Many iPad owners will be upgrading from their iPad 2 to the iPad 3, and anyone who has just entered the market will have to consider the improved features on the iPad 3 before investing in a competitor’s product. The new Apple iPad blows other tablet computers out of the water, including the com,pany’s previous releases. Looks Can Be Deceiving It’s no surprise that the iPad 3 is as sleek as its predecessors. With stately black or white builds and rounded corners, it’s impossible for this tablet to feel clunky. The new iPad retains the contoured aluminum enclosure, which is recyclable, and the entire front is encase in sleek glass. The iPad 3, like all Apple devices, is designed with the environment in mind. The company doesn’t use PVC or mercury in its devices and will accept pre-owned devices for recycling, in exchange for a gift card. Although it might have a similar appearance, the display of the iPad 3 has been turning heads. Apple has labeled its proprietary technology the retina display and it boasts impressive specs. With more than four times the number of pixels as the iPad 2, the new iPad offers crisp and clear pictures. Reading eBooks on this device proves to be no challenge, because text is much clearer. The 2048-by-1536 pixel resolution offers more than 3-million pixels for stunning performance that is impossible not to notice. In fact, the new iPad has a higher pixel-count than some high-definition televisions. The industry will probably see an influx in pixel count on screens thanks to the iPad 3. Photographs look more life-like and brighter than ever before, too. It’s no... Read On