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iPad Air

iPad Air – Air Born or Flightless

The iPad Air is a large tablet that’s made to look and perform like the iPad mini. The two look basically identical except for size. However, the appeal in the iPad air isn’t in how it looks but how it feels. You can tell it will feel different from a regular iPad before you even pick it up. It’s thinner than a regular iPad and has slimmer bezels. It’s essentially a big iPad mini in appearance. People who won’t carry their iPads around with them because of the weight will have no trouble toting the iPad air around town or across campus. The light weight of the iPad Air makes it easier to hold in one hand for extended periods of time. People who play games that require one hand to hold the iPad and one hand to control the game know how quickly the hand holding the iPad can get fatigued. This just doesn’t happen with the much lighter iPad Air. Doing everything with it is much easier, not just gaming. It’s a more comfortable iPad experience in every way. Its finish is similar to the iPad mini, too. It is very sturdy and quite rigid. There’s no creaking or flexing with this model. It doesn’t feel solid at all. Some people may associate that feeling with inferior electronics, but in this case it’s a sign of an advancement in technology. It may be super thin and extra light, but it is hardy enough to toss in a bag with nothing but its cover on it. It won’t break or scratch in the slightest. In fact, its ruggedness makes it perfect for kids and teenagers to use, since they tend to treat electronics more harshly than adults. One difference the iPad Air does have with the most updated... Read On