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Penguin and Beyond the Story’s new Anne Frank iPad app

The Guardian recently published their 30 best iPhone and iPad Apps for the week, one which included a new iPad that features a multimedia take on the Anne Frank diary. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/appsblog/2013/jan/25/best-iphone-ipad-apps-vine-wave-trip Read On

Apple CEO Tim Cook ousted as Gil Amelio takes the helm as new Chief

The Apple board, meeting behind closed doors Sunday night, voted to oust Tim Cook as CEO. In his place, former Apple CEO Gil Amelio was voted in as interim lifetime CEO. “I am so glad to be back at the helm of this ship that is Apple,” Amelio proclaimed. “We’ll be placing this ship in dry dock and reinventing its wheels.” The board had no comment on its decision, only to issue the formal written statement that it has nothing to do with the recent Papal visit to Cupertino. Management Shake-up  Amelio went on to further state that, “Cook will maintain an advisory position with Apple with the new title as Captain.”  The Captain could not be reached for immediate comment as he was preparing Amelio’s French-pressed coffee with cream and sugar. However, an intern reported that Cook had already been severely reprimanded. Apparently Cook returned it with Sweet and Low and not Splenda. To which Amelio told Cook, very Kevin Spacingly; “If you can’t follow  simple instructions, how can you be trusted with smaller decisions?” Sweeping Product Line Shift                         Extending the nautical metaphor Amelio announced a sweeping shift in its pursuit of dominating the underlying digital technology and circumnavigating back to the company’s analog roots.  Gill was heard saying;  “We started with analog, right?” iTunes Store shelved in favor of the iBrick and iMotor Store  To this end, Gil announced plans to shut down the iTunes Store. “As soon as we finish selling out all the digital inventory in our warehouses, we’ll move to our new franchised line of iBrick and iMotor stores.” The new product line includes: i45’s analog disks i33’s analog laser disks i78’s floppy albums Apple Hangs up iPhone in favor of the iRotary Landlines  The next step to the conveyor chopping block holds the... Read On

For the iPad, Books That Respond to a Child’s Touch – NYTimes.com

This NY Times article  features the latest incarnation of children’s books that leverage multimedia for a more engaging experience. – Just iPad Visit here for more details at the NY Times Read On

Map App: Stats of the Union for iPad | Fit | Express Night Out

Visit here for details Read On

Digital Version of the Washington Examiner

The evolution of the digital media continues. This digital reader mimics not only the look and feel of the original hard copy, but also simulates the whisk of a turning page. Erick Garske – JustiPad http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk/launch.aspx?referral=other&pnum=2&refresh=5Zs1z70T1xE2&EID=6e91bfbd-62aa-4bd0-b5b1-61d5928b1f67&skip=&p=2 Read On

The Atavist – How Multimedia Should Be Done in Digital Magazines – NYTimes.com

This highlights the evolution of digital media. In some respects it reminds me of the evolution of the automobile. When first introduced were dubbed ‘Horseless Carriages’. This was a fitting description for the new technology until it took on an identity of its own. It remains to be seen just how the digital media will evolve. The isolated inbreeding of some forms of media just makes that media genetically weak, whereas the infusion of the new media breeds new life and longevity into that media. – JustiPad   http://www.nytimes.com/external/readwriteweb/2011/06/10/10readwriteweb-the-atavist-how-multimedia-should-be-done-i-39846.html?emc=eta1 Read On