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Star Wars Stormtrooper iPad cover

Ralph McQuarrie was one of the most talented artists of our modern era. His work on the original Star Wars trilogy also made him one of the most famous. Ask people what they remember most about any of the original movies and something from the imagination of Ralph McQuarrie will likely come to mind. Darth Vader’s helmet and mask, the beautiful Cloud City, or the chicken-like strut of the Scout Walker, all come from the mind of McQuarrie.

As big fans of his work, we were only too pleased to review the Stormtrooper iPad cover from Zeon. It’s a simple soft silicon cover that provides bump protection for the iPad as well as bringing one of McQuarrie’s most memorable designs to the iPad.

It’s a solid cover that will appeal to Star Wars fans. Like many of these rubber covers, the bottom edge, by the home button, is a little on the feeble side, but it’s generally a quality cover that will likely last the lifetime of your iPad. The official branding of the case and packaging makes it a superb gift option. It’s designed for the iPad 2 and 3 only.

The Stormtrooper iPad cover is available from Mobile Fun at £19.95.

It’s worth noting that Mobile Fun carries a large selection of iPad cases, covers and sleeves.

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