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Standzfree review – Could this fantastically flexible iPad stand be an essential accessory?

Looking for a suitable object or surface on which to prop up my iPad has become something of habit of mine. The new iPad has almost totally replaced my MacBook for practically all most home computing needs and many of my work computing tasks. Its simple slender design, without the fuss of a laptop’s clamshell case or the bulk of a desktop’s frame makes for a much more intimate (especially when creating content) and much more zen-like experience.

However, there are times when the intimacy of the iPad turns out to be a weakness. Having to constantly hold the iPad with one, and sometimes both hands, can, in some situations, suck much joy from the experience. This is certainly true when consuming media – watching movies, reading books, listening to music, etc., but, as we shall see, it’s also the case for many creative endeavours.

Perhaps Standzfree, the flexible floor stand from Standzout, could step in to provide a perfect solution? That’s what I intended to find out.

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