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A wasp washing to demonstrate the iPad’s stunning macro capture ability

In the second part of our iPad vs iPhone 4S camera shootout we concluded that the iPad 3 shoots video that is of a similar quality to the iPhone 4S. This is a good thing. There is, however, one area where the new iPad handily beats the iPhone 4S.

The world of the tiny

When focusing on subject matter that is close to the lens, the depth of field is very much decreased, so much so, that moving the device even just a few millimetres can make a difference to the final image quality. Sure, the touch to focus ability of both the iPhone and iPad should help you to focus on the correct portion of the scene, but if you move, even a small amount, your subject may be just in front or just behind the focus plane and hence, out of focus.

The new iPad, with its Retina class display can display every last pixel of the 1080p live video preview. It contains well over three times more detail than the screen on the iPhone 4S. Because of this extra detail, placing your iPad at the exact distance from the subject to ensure perfect focus at all times is quite possible.

A wasp awakes!

To demonstrate this, I captured the wasp video seen above. As the wasp awakes and goes through it’s morning cleaning ritual note how I was able to maintain the focus on the correct part of the wasp, first the abdomen, and then the head. I could see the full extent of the depth of field at all times.

In short, the new iPad gives you the perfect tools to capture stunning macro photos and video. No smartphone or tablet computer currently available comes close. This winning camera and screen combination highlights another intreging use for the new iPad, but we’ll focus on that in a future post.

If you’ve capture some interesting video with your new iPad, be sure to let us know either in a comment below or via email. You can also catch us on Twitter.

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