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M-Edge New Yorker iPad Jacket

One complaint users have of switching from reading a book to launching a reading app is loosing the tactile feel of a book. This certainly had been a consideration of mine. Be that as it may, an alternative exists to help preserve the feel of a book while swiping through a retina display.

M-Edge iPad  New Yorker Jacket

M-Edge iPad New Yorker Jacket

M-Edge provides an aesthetically pleasing jacket with a cloth cover with a reproduction of  The New Yorker magazine from November 6, 2006.  The jacket also secures the covers with a leather-like binding to hold your iPad 1, iPad 2 or New iPad. The inside jacket provides four straps to secure your iPad.  The straps complement the binding while leaving all of the device controls: home key, rocker volume and sleep keys  unobstructed. The only disadvantage is that the jacket lacks a port hole for the camera lens.

Also, the inside cover of the jacket provides a slip, which incidentally may store  your soon to be ample surplus of bookmarks.

I would recommend jacket as a fine method to carry and read your iPad.

Retail Price:49.99

Web Site: http://www.medgestore.com/products/ipad2-newyorker.psp

Erick Garske, JusitiPad.com

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