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CES 2012 Round Up: Azeca – Retractable bluetooth headset with vibration



Product: Azeca – Retractable bluetooth headset with vibration
Website http://www.azeca.com
MSRP $59.99
Store www.amazon.com, www.geekaccessories.com
Price: $42.99 – $59.99
Description Universal retractable bluetooth headset with laynard and clip on. Azeca believes that there is a need for a communication product that offers the hands-free capabilities of traditional bluetooth but without the need for a full time ear piece.


At times I have been lost for words, when missing my bluetooth earpiece. The phone rings while driving. It continues ringing unanswered. Then slience. Not only have I missed incoming call, but the caller may not even leave a voice message.

Azeca Retractable bluetooth headset with vibration

The new Azeca retractable blue tooth headset answers the call, so to speak. While most blue tooth earpieces rely on an ear clip, the Azeca blue tooth has three means to secure the bluetooth earpiece.  A retractable earpice that easily returns the cord to its spindle shell. That same spindle shell has a clipon which may be attached to a lapel. Lastly, the shell has eyelets for a laynard so the shell may be secured around your neck.

Usage: The device comes supplied with a USB charging cord, but not an AC adapter.  Once plugged in a According the documentation, the headset should be fully charged after an hour and half to two hours.

Sound Quality: The quality of the audio appears clean and crisp.

Design: The design is sleak and the retro burnt orange shell breaks and otherwise understated color mode for like accessories.

Documentation: The directions for the device clearly outline the step by step instructions for setup up and operation. The functions table nicely organizes each device function such as answering a call with with its associated action such as pressing the multifunction button once.


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