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iPad Accessories: The Stylus is mightier than the keyboard

When it comes to assessing accessories for the iPad your likely to breach the debate as to which is better suited to interacting with your iPad: The keyboard or the stylus.

Price Points

The entry point range for an iPad Stylus ranges from the low end of .83 for a 3 Pack of Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen ( Red + Black + Silver ) [AMAZONPRODUCT-B002EZRCAA] to the upper range of $35.28 for the Kensington, Virtuoso Stylus and pen [AMAZONPRODUCT-B005FNB4G6]. On the other hand, blue tooth keyboards command price points of $27.89 for a generic bluetooth keyboard from Amazon [AMAZONPRODUCT-B005FE7RNY] to $229.99 for Clamcase Keyboard case and stand [AMAZONPRODUCT-B004RVMW7W]. Hands down the investment in a stylus is a frugal choice for the money. Moreover, the stylus underscores the primary advantage of the touch screen. In some respects the keyboard acts as training wheels for applications that have not yet been adapted to the mobile platform.


More than likely, the iPad will be used primarily with applications leveraging touch screen gestures. Whether you’re swiping, pinching, tapping or simply drawing the stylus can aide in the tapping and drawing functions. For those applications requiring keyboard entry the iOS on screen keyboard for some is more than sufficient.

The blue tooth keyboard such as the Kensington Apple iPad 2 KeyFolio Pro Performance Case with wireless Bluetooth keyboard [AMAZONPRODUCT-B0054L7FVW] provides for specific keyboard functions that mimic the touch gestures. For whatever reason these features were omitted from the Amazon product description. This keyboard retails for $79.99 on Amazon and retails for $99.99.

Personal Preference

If your an iPad purest, then the stylus would certainly make the most sense. This stays true to the touch interface pinching both the screen and pennies.

Erick Garske, Contributing Editor JustiPad.com


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