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Anticipated iPad 3 Enhancements

The iPad 3 is due for release in late 2011 and will bring with it some important enhancements. While iPad 2 was mostly an increase in speed and little else, iPad 3 is being touted as the one that will create excitement.

The biggest upgrade will be in screen resolution. iPad 3 will at last have the same retina display technology that is currently available in the iPhone 4. The result will be a better viewing experience for watching videos and reading text.

The device will also boast an increase in power and speed with the addition of an A6 processor. One MB of RAM will elevate the new iPad to the level of the Motorola Xoom and other tablet devices already available.

Camera resolutions in the new model are expected to be five megapixels for the rear camera and two megapixels for the front-facing camera that is generally used for FaceTime. Video quality is expected to remain at 1080 megapixels.

With the above-mentioned upgrades, battery life will remain about the same.

One of the anticipated, but not guaranteed improvements is the ability to add external storage. A simple USB port would enable the user to connect an external hard drive or other storage device. Many people would like to be able to move their files and also not have to make do with a fixed storage capacity.

A rumored item is the addition of a thunderbolt peripheral connection. This would take the already versatile Apple OS to a new level by adding capability for streaming videos to a television or photos to a standard computer monitor.

Near-field communication, which allows a user to pay by placing their device in proximity of a payment terminal, was considered for iPad 3 but scrapped. It will most likely be introduced on iPhone 5, as that device is much smaller and easier to carry in a bag or pocket.

There is also a large demand for Flash support. Apple keeps delaying this feature as Flash is very resource intensive and could easily crash the processor and memory in iPad.

There will definitely be some big improvements in the upcoming iPad 3. Time will tell if it can keep up with its competition.

– Just iPad


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