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Retrospective of WWDC OSX Lion and the iCloud

With the recent WWDC finally wrapping up, we got a lot of new announcements from Apple. We were shown the new impressive features that are now built into Apple Mac OSX Lion. We were also introduced to a new service called the iCloud.

The first major announcement was the developer version of Apple’s Mac OSX Lion. They were finally able to show all of the new features of the operating system. The new OS will support full-screen apps, Multi-Touch gestures, the Mac app store, and it will be optimized for the iCloud. Apple Mac OSX will also have Mission Control. Mission Control combines Expose, Dashboard, and your apps all into one program to allow for complete control over everything. The new operating system will also include Resume and Launchpad. However, the biggest new feature of Mac OSX Lion is the support for the Apple iCloud.

The single biggest announcement from this year’s conference was the introduction of the Apple iCloud. The iCloud will redesign how we store and share data. The iCloud will save your apps, music, photos, documents, and anything else. Then it will push that data to all of your other devices. This is great for people who use multiple devices. It will also support using a PC to submit data to the cloud. The iCloud will also allow you to never worry about losing your music again. Once you purchase a song, the song is then saved to the cloud and pushed to all of your devices. Steve Jobs announced that they will be adding a new service called iTunes Match coming this fall. You will be able to trade in any music that you got from anywhere else, and Apple will give you the iTunes copy of it. You will need to pay $24.99 a year for the match service. The iCloud will come free with 5 gigs of storage and there will be upgraded plans available. This completely defeats Amazon’s cloud service by being free for a basic account and offering more ways to store data. The iCloud is also aiming to be a little bit more user friendly and more reliable than the Amazon service.

These two big announcements from the WWDC will definitely change the way we use some of our devices. The iCloud will provide seamless data sharing and Apple Mac OSX Lion will provide an upgraded experience for all Mac users.

– Just iPad

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